winter recital tickets


Winter Recital - Sunday 8th December


St James High School, Great Strand, Colindale, NW9 5PE

(near to RAF museum)


As we’ve had such growth this term, we have decided to split the day into two separate shows. All pre-school classes will perform in one show, and some older students will be performing in both. Please look for your child’s class below before booking tickets

(or click here to download the list)

SHOW ONE | 2:00-2:40pm

SHOW TWO | 3:10-3:50pm

Sunday 8th December.png

classes performing in both shows

show one | 2:00-2:40pm

show two | 3:10-3:50pm


Due to limited seating, we are allowing a maximum of 4 tickets per child initially. We will release more once we know that every parent/guardian has managed to book!

Standard | £6.50

Under 16s | £4.50


+ Is there parking?

Yes, there is free parking on site

+ What time should we get there?

Please make sure to arrive at least 10 minutes early. The shows will be starting AT 2pm and 3:10pm

+ Why do we have to pay for tickets?

Ticket sales are simply to help cover the cost of the theatre and staff/chaperones for the day

+ Who will be looking after my child backstage?

Children will stay in their class groups in a designated area backstage. There will be a minimum of one chaperone for every 8 children. Where possible each class will have their regular teacher as their chaperone

+ Can I stay backstage with my child?

We welcome any parents/guardians who wish to help backstage, however please note you will not just be responsible for your own child and will be given a small group to look after. We must know in advance if you plan to stay backstage.

+ What will my child be doing backstage?

For all younger students we will have lots of arts and crafts backstage to keep them occupied. Older students are welcome to bring books, homework and electronic devises to keep themselves occupied, however we cannot be held responsible for any missing items.

+ What should my child wear?

All students will be given their costumes in class the week before. Children should arrive at the venue already dressed.

Please also pack their class uniform. All students will change into their uniform before their bow.

Ballet students are required to wear ballet tights and shoes. For all other classes, bare feet, jazz shoes or ballet shoes are fine.

+ Our staff

All of our staff our friendly, passionate and great with children. All staff are DBS checked and there is always a first aider on site.

+ I've opted to buy my costume, how does it work?

We will send an invoice for your child's costume. This needs to be paid before the show. If payment has been recieved your child will take their costume home with them.

+ I didn't opt to buy the costume, what if I change my mind?

Payments for costumes can be made on the day of the show via card or cash

+ My child is in both shows, what happens inbetween performances?

Children performing in both shows will stay backstage with their chaperones inbetween performances.