Gruffalo Deposit (29th-31st May)

Gruffalo Deposit (29th-31st May)


Our ‘Gruffalo’ May half term camp is a drop-off event at MILL HILL LIBRARY. A single £20 deposit is required upon booking to reserve a space for all 3 days. Once your booking has been received we will email you an invoice for the remaining amount, which is to be paid before your child's first day with us.

We recommend that children attend full camps where possible so they get the most out of their performance for family and friends on the last day.

10am-1pm £25 a day

10am-3pm £40 a day

Early 9am drop-off available at £5 a day

A 10% sibling discount is available for full days only (10am-3pm)

  • *When booking ‘Quantity’ refers to how many children not how many days*

Early 9am Drop-off:
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